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The idea of a ducted fan driven glider is as old as EDF itself.

But for too long, there where no ducted fan gliders commercially available. One reason may be, that a ducted fan is not very efficient on a glider. Ducted fans have their strengths in high speed, as oposed to gliders which are usually slow, at least compared to jets.

Therefor we where serprised and delighted to see, that in 2008 Kavan announced a futuristic ducted fan glider, the "Bird of Prey".

The fan unit on this glider is integrated into the fin, the model itself is compact and a mixture of thermal soarer and hotliner.

Although we liked the "different" looks from the beginning, we disliked the fact, that the recommended fan was just powerful enough to work as a rescue drive on slope soaring, or to climb out to thermal heights.

Isnīt there more fun potential in the design?

There is! For this reason we developed a new moulded ducting with a newly developed 60 mm version of our Mini Fan pro.

The recommended motor is either a HET 2W (basic standard), or Mega 16-15-2 (better quality, same performance).

With this unit mounted into the fin one can climb out of sight on 3 Lipos (ca. 34A, 8,5 N thust) in about 25 Sekunden or climb out vertically on 4 Lipos (ca. 54 A, ca. 11,5 N thhrust) and speed around for fun.

Since the model is light enough, it is surprisingly eays to fly and can even e recommended as first aileron glider.

When switched off, the fan unit has nearly no influence o nthe flight performance. But if run on slow throttle, it acts as a brake, which is extremely handy.

The kit inicludes a nicely moulded GRP fuselage, beautyfully sanded foam veneer wings and all the tiny bits.

Building the model takes about 10-15 hours including finish.

We offer the drive unit for this model completely pre mounted as described above.



Wing span: 1565 mm

Length: 980 mm

Wing section: HN 1033

AUW: 1.200 - 1.250 grams

Ducted fan unit: Mini Fan pro (60) in special ducting

Motor: HET 2W, Mega 16-15-2

Battery: 3-4s 2.200 mAh (30C or better)

Controller: 60-80A (suitable for > 120.000 turns/minute)

Radio functions: elevator, aileron, controller


Shipping weight: 2,00 Kg

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