Mini Fan evo ducted fan unit / HET2W22, completely assembled, precision balanced and harmonically tuned

Item number: MFE 2W22

69 mm ducted fan unit (9-blades)
4s Lipo cells
11,77 N of thrust
completely mounted, checked, completely balanced and harmonically tuned

Category: with HET motors

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Modern high efficiency multi bladed fan unit.

This is an efficient 4s drive, which is used with small batteries (> 2.200 mAh), or where the MFE 2W20 is simply too strong.
It fits nicely into jets up to 1.4 kg AUW, or for example twin engined airliners up to 3 kg UAW.

The fan unit comes completely mounted with a HET 2W22 motor.
The unit is assembled and checked at factory, precision balanced and harmonically tuned.

14,8 V

45,5 A

673 W
11.8 N
 efflux velocity
57,17 m/s
> 50 A / HV
2.200-3.000 mAh

The controller should be chosen 20% over rated due to the long lasting load.

LV = low voltage controller up to 6s, HV = high voltage controller above 6s

Battery should be chosen about 15/ - 1/20 of the max current for 4-3 minutes WOT. 30-40 C is appropriate.

Set comprises:
1 x Mini Fan evo ducted fan unit
1 x HET 2W22

 inner diameter:  69,0 mm
 outer diameter:  72,0 mm
 length of shroud:  60 mm, w/o intake lip
 weight, complete: 164 grams (opt. intake ring + 15g)
 fan swept area:  29,40 sqcm
 rotor: 9-blades, Nylon (glass reinforced)
 rec. thrust tube dia.:  56 mm diameter
 Timing ESC:  approx. 12 (6-pole motor)
 PWM:  8-12 kHz

We measure with a constant voltage of 3.7 V / cell. 
Current and thrust are measured with a small intake lip (r=6 mm) at 21 C, 50m asl and standard pressure.
Depending on battery, controller and installation you may see higher or lower figures.

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